In most companies and organizations, change is now the rule, not the exception. From major restructurings to reorganizations to the rollout of new enterprise software, the working environment for managers and employees is evolving rapidly and, in some cases, dramatically. Targeted change communications are a critical factor determining the success of processes such as these. The goal is to convey the purpose of the planned changes to managers and employees. This is all about activating, enabling, transparency and engagement. The more managers and employees see themselves as drivers − not victims − of change, the more likely it is that the transformation process will succeed. This requires a prompt, inclusive and authentic communications approach: An approach that highlights achievements and is robust enough to openly address setbacks and problems. An approach that smooths the way for a successful transformation.

Our services

  • Internal and external stakeholder analysis
  • Creation of a storyline to serve as the basis for all communications measures
  • Holistic planning of change communications, both internal and external
  • Development and design of communications and participation formats for managers Development and design of communications and participation formats for employees
  • Evaluation of the success of the transformation both during the process and once it is completed