We deliver strategic advice on all reputational matters. Managing complex topics is our core strength.

CCounselors is a German-Swiss partnership with deep experience of working with DAX, SMI and S&P 100 companies and family offices. We are committed to being a responsible partner to our clients and to offering them personal advice. We do so based on a mutual understanding that we always strive to develop sustainable solutions for our clients with the aim of strengthening their reputation over the long term, whether they are companies, institutions or private individuals.

Our clients are advised exclusively by Partners who have a stake in our company and share responsibility for the success of our business. Each client is supported by a designated Partner from the beginning of the mandate until its completion and can thus benefit from personal and comprehensive service. Depending on the client’s advisory needs, we may also draw on complementary expertise from within the partnership. In addition, CCounselors has access to an established network of further specialists in our home market and beyond.

CCounselors already provides strategic communications advice to a large number of family-owned and listed companies and their governing bodies, as well as to associations from a wide range of industries. CCounselors, which is headquartered in Düsseldorf, has worked together with renowned legal experts in the area of litigation communications in particular for many years.

Our core competencies include:

  • Strategic dialogue and development of strategies to position companies and individuals vis-à-vis the relevant target groups in the economy, society or the political arena
  • Development and execution of communication strategies
  • Reputation management for companies, institutions and their governing bodies
  • Advisory services in the fields of politics, the economy or society
  • Advisory and active support on transactions and other transformations or change processes
  • Advisory and active support in crisis situations

Our values

  • Professionalism, independence, integrity, reliability, honesty and discretion are the core values we uphold when advising our clients
  • We are guided by our clients’ best interests in all that we do
  • All our clients can access our expertise, our experience and our network 
  • We always act in our clients’ interests while maintaining the necessary critical distance
  • Our recommendations and advice are always impartial
  • We do not accept mandates that are not compatible with our principles and we terminate mandates that cease to meet this requirement
  • We avoid conflicts of interest

CCounselors delivers communications advice that is aligned with our clients’ values, while ensuring that CCounselors observes the legal requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially media law, the ethical guidelines of the Internal Public Relations Association IPRA and the German Public Relations Association (DPRG).

Our network

At CCounselors, clients receive personal advice from our Partners and specially tailored teams. We can build on an established network of additional specialists in Germany and beyond.

In the interests of our clients, CCounselors works with a global network of preferred partners that we have built over a period of 25 years based on our successful collaboration in the past.

CCounselors’ preferred partners are international communications and public affairs experts with many years of experience of working with global companies and institutions.

They are specialists in corporate communications, public affairs, media training, coaching, change, branding, and media monitoring and analysis.