The world has become smaller and more complex again since the start of the new Millennium. The belief that “the world is flat” is now obsolete. Instead, the view of the European realist Charles de Gaulle that “states have not friends, only interests” is gaining ground once again. This change, and the geopolitical developments that go hand in hand with it, not only have an impact on “big politics” but also affect each individual company and institution.

The world of politics has seen its influence grow again as a result of this transformation. At the same time, new stakeholders are emerging with new demands − all of which need to be considered when defining or developing strategies.

With its own expertise and the knowhow of its network partner Berlin Global Advisors, CCounselors helps its clients to navigate this changing landscape and find the best way to reach their end goal.

Berlin Global Advisors is the preferred partner of CCounselors. Peter Dietlmaier, Founding Partner of CCounselors, serves as an Advisor to BGA.

When it comes to corporate transactions, it is important to present a compelling case − and not just for company owners and the markets. Corporate transactions must create value for all stakeholders in order to succeed over the long term. And it is not only the markets that decide whether a deal goes ahead or not: We are convinced that other factors come into play. CCounselors has assisted in numerous transactions that support this conviction. CCounselors therefore factors in the needs and interests of all stakeholders when advising clients on capital market transactions.

Our services

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Communication strategy - internal or external - in consultation with all relevant stakeholders
  • Support with strategic execution during and after the transaction
  • Transformation and corporate culture
  • Social and digital media
  • Research and analytics