Digital and social media channels provide valuable opportunities for companies to position their brand, products and services. Today’s social media platforms have enormous reach compared to traditional media. At the same time, strategic communications via social media are strengthening interaction and networking with the relevant target groups and stakeholders.

However, social networks also pose certain risks and dangers for companies as well as for organizations. This is especially the case in crisis situations where professional, strategic crisis management is essential.

We advise and assist companies in developing and implementing effective social media strategies and measures to sustainably strengthen their image, inspire public confidence and protect them in crisis situations.

If a company is confronted with critical issues or risks, our experienced taskforce team can take control of the situation and work in an integrated and analytical manner, while following the data − all with the aim of safeguarding its reputation.

Our services at a glance

  • Analysis and development of a strategy
  • Planning of content and measures
  • Community management and engagement strategies
  • Customer journey and tracking
  • Corporate ambassadors
  • Digital intelligence and social media listening
  • Crisis media monitoring an 24/7 crisis management
  • Crisis recovery – target group-specific communication to strengthen your company’s reputation after a crisis
  • SEO and SEA