The complexity of the media landscape and the enormous growth in the number of channels are making it increasingly difficult for companies to convey their own messages and content effectively and consistently. We help companies to engage successfully with their stakeholders and to reach their target audiences via the appropriate channels at each and every touchpoint.

The analysis and evaluation of data creates real value in the area of strategic social media communications. When carrying out social listening analysis, we screen thousands of sets of online data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as forums, blogs and news pages. This enables us to gain a precise picture of topics that are trending in the public arena and among specific target groups. It also gives us an insight into preferred channels for sharing information or engaging in dialogue, as well as the way in which conversations on digital channels are evolving.

We present our findings in a detailed analytical report that provides a precise picture of the status quo. The report serves as an important basis for the further development of the social media strategy and the planning of measures to make optimal use of opportunities to position the company, identify potential risks in advance and manage those risks.

Our services at a glance

  • Social listening analyses 
  • Analysis of competitors in the digital space
  • Crisis monitoring
  • Digital trend scouting
  • Content and keyword research for SEO
  • Performance analysis and reporting