Good crisis communications management begins long before there is any sign of a crisis. Have potential risk issues been identified? Is the company well positioned to cope with a crisis? Are the right internal and external partners onboard? Have processes been defined? And when is a crisis actually a crisis? Crises always present institutions and individuals with exceptional circumstances that put their credibility to the test. If, however, a crisis situation is managed effectively, it can also be a source of opportunities. The world of politics is just one area that shows how good crisis management and crisis communications can create new chances. In most cases, this is attributable to active strategies developed with a clear end goal in sight, coupled with a high level of professionalism. This is precisely what CCounselors can offer with its wide-ranging experience in preparing for potential crises and in mitigating or managing them.

Thanks to its long collaboration with renowned law firms in Germany, CCounselors also has extensive experience in supporting clients involved in litigation.

Our services

  • Advice and support when establishing crisis management and communications processes
  • Strategic advice and support in crisis situations
  • Strategic advice and support in legal disputes